The Chinese Opera Association

of New York


Welcome to the world of Peking Opera


President: 會長

Celine Foung 金茜琳

Vice President:副會長

Alpha Chiang 蔣中一

251 New Hyde Park Road, Garden City, N. Y. 11530

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The Chinese Opera Association of New York was founded in 1951 by a group of Chinese graduate students who shared a deep interest in Peking opera.  Since 1953, efforts were made to stage public performances every year.  Over almost six decades of its existence, the Association has presented close to one hundred performances, mostly in New York. 

Members of the Association consist of professional people in various disciplines, such as professors, bankers and dentists.  Because of its continuing policy of selectivity, it has remained one of the most prestigious Chinese opera organizations in the United States.

《國劇雅集》(簡稱《雅集》)是紐約,也是美國,歷史最悠久的京劇票房,成立于1951 年。1940 年代末期,有許多中國留學生來到紐約附近的大學進修,内有不少資深的京劇票友,相識之後時常聚會。到1951 年,郝德元(名淨郝壽臣之子), 卓孚來,趙培忠 (趙培鑫之弟),和蒋中一四人發起創立《國劇雅集》。以後的五十多年,《雅集》十分活躍,先後曾作86 場公演,歷獻了206 齣戲,除去重複的,仍有 103 齣。國外的環境困難,演這麽多的戯實非易事,當然在半個世紀的時期内,人事變遷很多,會員有外遷的,退出的,亡故的,幸有新人補進,仍顯興旺,前前後後參加過演出的人數要在一百以上。